Directions for driving:
From Hamburg coming follow way via Braunschweig to Wernigerode or drive through the Harz mountains via Torfhaus and Braunlage to Schierke. Follow signs for Schierke, make a left, down the hill and follwo the main street until the street Kirchberg ( a small pottery store ao your left). Follow the road upwards, and shortly you will see the cottage house on the left.

Traffic Connections
- Highways/strees:
A7 (Hannover-Kassel) 70 km
A2 (Berlin-Dortmund) Magdeburg 100 km
A395 (Bad Harzburg-Braunschweig) 40 km
B6 (Göttingen-Braunlage) 10 km

-Train connections:
Göttingen-Bad Harzburg-Wernigerode-Schierke